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Warning-some photos are graphic. Thursday, this little border collie mix, has an incredible story. Chain of Hope received a call from someone who said that there was a momma dog in a pen behind a house with very small puppies. It was a very odd situation because she said that the owner had left and... Read more »

KCMO Animal Control Continues to Fail

KCMO animal control has been called out to this house twice in the last two weeks. There are 3 dogs here and they are in a hell hole. There are 2 black dogs in pens in the back and a pit bull chained up on the side. We actually spayed this pit bull over a... Read more »


Last April, Chain of Hope received a call from a woman who had fallen on hard times. She was very ill and was facing open heart surgery, which would be followed by another major surgery. She had a Boxer named Roxie that was about 7 yrs. old. She was crying and said that she couldn’t... Read more »


Judy came back from outreach one day and told me that there was a new dog behind a house that we had removed a dog from several years ago. That’s what Chain of Hope does, though, we constantly check houses when dogs have been removed. These people often get another dog-it’s a vicious cycle. So... Read more »