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Shira and Sam

  Meet Shira and Sam, mother and son. We came across these 2 dogs a couple of years ago. We saw them chained to the fence and stopped to talk with the owner. It was a young man and his mother that lived there together and the dogs belonged to the son. Neither of them... Read more »


  Chain of Hope received a call from a concerned citizen about a rottie chained up in the front of a house. He was on a heavy chain, had an igloo, and appeared to be pretty old. We went over to check on him and discovered that this owner also had 2 more dogs in... Read more »


We have known Dolly (that was her name then) for so long that I can’t even remember how we came across her. I don’t know if we spotted her on outreach one day or the owner called for help. Nevertheless, we met Dolly over a year ago. She was a pit mix older puppy, maybe... Read more »


Gladys is a very special girl, dear to many of our hearts. This is where she lived before her rescue. Read on for a wonderful story.   The owner of this dog called for dog food, so we headed over to mid-town and met Gladys for the first time. She was an old red pit... Read more »