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Chain of Hope received a call from a woman who said that her dog was not in good shape and she couldn’t take care of it anymore. I called her back. She was in Independence, which we normally don’t work in. Not because they don’t need help, we just have our hands full with KCMO.... Read more »


    He spent over 10 yrs. on a chain in the back yard. He was an old pit bull that we found a few years ago, living on a chain with a nasty wooden dog house with holes in it. I kept going by and visiting this old man and trying to hopefully talk... Read more »


We had a couple of ladies that we took dog and cat food to. They were advocates in their neighborhood for the animals and let us know when things were going on. One day we went there and the people next door had gotten a pit bull puppy. It was white with brindle spots and... Read more »


    Chain of Hope has taken care of a dog named Chubbs for a few yrs. now. We neutered and vaccinated him years ago. He was in a bad situation when we first met him. The people had 2 dogs at the time and one of them ended up getting hit by a car.... Read more »