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We first ran across Casey in Dec. of 2014. We were helping people in midtown and this cute little dog wandered up. The woman we help a lot, Ruth, told us that it was a stray. Oh no! We were so full of dogs in our program, we really could not take on another one... Read more »

Goldie and Other KCMO Animal Control Cases

This is a house that we have been going to for years.  We have called this particular address into animal control numerous times. There have been 8 dogs at this house of this very negligent pet owner over the last years. When I first came across this house several years ago, I had to take in and... Read more »

Mr. Peabody

We came across Spot one day in the winter of 2014 by going down an alley, looking for dogs on chains. This little guy looked pretty good. He had a full bowl of food and a clean bowl of water. He was at good body weight. However, he was on a chain and had a... Read more »

An Open Letter to Mayor James and City Manager Schulte Regarding KCMO Animal Control

This is an open letter to Mayor James and City Manager Schulte regarding Kansas City animal control. You have a fundamental problem in your animal control department and so far, you have basically ignored it. Today, I offer more recent evidence of a job poorly done. Please try to understand the public’s frustration. The filth... Read more »