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Pete and Marcy

We received a call from a woman who said that she had some friends that had lost their house and they did not have anywhere for their dogs to go so she offered to keep them. She did not let them in the house and this was in the winter. She did not have dog... Read more »

Preston (formerly Goldie)

You probably remember the story of Goldie, but in case you don’t here’s a recap and an update. We became aware of this dog in July of 2015. It was a male dog named Goldie. He lived on a chain in the back yard with a nasty wooden dog house. He was skinny and shy.... Read more »


  This handsome boy has quite a story. We spotted him on outreach one day over 2 yrs. ago. He was chained under the steps leading up to the back door of a house.  He was so cute! He also looked very lonely. We stopped and knocked on the door, but no one was home.... Read more »


I have spoken about this before, but not very often. One of the services that Chain of Hope provides is assisting pets and their owners at the end of the pet’s life. There are a lot of lower income people that dearly love their pets. When their pets are old and suffering, these people often... Read more »