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Back in the summer, Chain of Hope received a call from an EMT that worked at the KC Fire Department/EMT building on Eastwood Trafficway. Her name was Anna and she told me about a stray pit bull that was hanging around in the woods near their building. She said the dog was super scared and... Read more »

Dallas, Houston and Rillo

This is a long read but the story is incredible! Please share. I wrote about Marilyn and her 3 Labs a long time ago, but much has happened since then. How all of this started was that Marilyn’s son found 3 little lab puppies at the construction site where he was working a couple of... Read more »


Penny has been near and dear to my heart for quite awhile. We had been helping a woman with getting her pit bull spayed and helping her with food as well.  One day she pointed out that there was a pit bull next door in a pen. It was very overgrown over there,  it was... Read more »


  Poncho is a fabulous pit bull that is up for adoption at Chain of Hope. We first met Poncho about 4 yrs. ago. He belonged to a woman named Sharon that we had helped quite a bit. There was a huge cat problem on this street and Sharon fed all the strays. We did... Read more »