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We had a couple of ladies that we took dog and cat food to. They were advocates in their neighborhood for the animals and let us know when things were going on. One day we went there and the people next door had gotten a pit bull puppy. It was white with brindle spots and… Read more »


    Chain of Hope has taken care of a dog named Chubbs for a few yrs. now. We neutered and vaccinated him years ago. He was in a bad situation when we first met him. The people had 2 dogs at the time and one of them ended up getting hit by a car…. Read more »

Gladys’ New Life

You might all remember Gladys, a 10 yr. old pit bull that was rescued by Chain of Hope after living her entire life on a chain. Here is her previous story and we have a wonderful update for all of you! Gladys Here’s a few pix of how Gladys lived, but definitely check out her… Read more »

Florence and the Kitten

Last week when I was picking up a litter of puppies (Zoot, Dobbs, Kevin and Lyra that we’ve been posting about), I noticed a Golden Retriever mix about 1/2 way down the block. I asked the guy that I was getting the puppies from whose dog that was and he said it lived down there,… Read more »


A story of true love for your dog. This is the story of Cindy. About 2 weeks ago, Chain of Hope received a call from a young man that said that he could not keep his 2 dogs anymore and needed help placing them. I called him back and he told me that he was moving… Read more »

A Tough Month of Summer

Chain of Hope has been hit with a lot of medical cases this summer. Here are several from just the past month. We couldn’t do this work without you!   This is Teresa with her little Jack Russell mix named Gotti. Gotti is 10 yrs. old and he was having terrible mouth pain. He wasn’t… Read more »


Warning-some photos are graphic. Thursday, this little border collie mix, has an incredible story. Chain of Hope received a call from someone who said that there was a momma dog in a pen behind a house with very small puppies. It was a very odd situation because she said that the owner had left and… Read more »

KCMO Animal Control Continues to Fail

KCMO animal control has been called out to this house twice in the last two weeks. There are 3 dogs here and they are in a hell hole. There are 2 black dogs in pens in the back and a pit bull chained up on the side. We actually spayed this pit bull over a… Read more »


Last April, Chain of Hope received a call from a woman who had fallen on hard times. She was very ill and was facing open heart surgery, which would be followed by another major surgery. She had a Boxer named Roxie that was about 7 yrs. old. She was crying and said that she couldn’t… Read more »


Judy came back from outreach one day and told me that there was a new dog behind a house that we had removed a dog from several years ago. That’s what Chain of Hope does, though, we constantly check houses when dogs have been removed. These people often get another dog-it’s a vicious cycle. So… Read more »