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There was an older woman that we helped for a couple of years with her two dogs. They were outdoor dogs, but they were not chained, ran free in the yard and had good dog houses, thanks to Chain of Hope. She really only needed help with food once in a while, but she didn’t… Read more »

Moose and Molly

You might remember a couple of weeks ago when Chain of Hope rescued Cordy and Dahlia from being tied to poles with leashes their first 6 months of their lives.  The place where they were was an auto junkyard, which was surrounded by a privacy fence. If you remember, we were able to get 2… Read more »


About 3 years ago, Chain of Hope rescued a poor dog that was chained up under a man’s deck in dismal circumstances: feces all over, never any food or water, broken glass all around, a broken dog house-it was disgusting. We called animal control a couple of times, but they never did anything. All we… Read more »


Chain of Hope received a call from a concerned woman who had just been to an auto salvage yard in Independence. She said that when the owner took her behind the business to get the part she needed for her car, she saw a pathetic dog in a 4 X 4 pen and it looked… Read more »


I went out to one of the vans one late morning and happened to glance across the street. I saw a white dog in the parking lot of the business across the street. It’s a huge parking lot and there weren’t many cars there, but this little one was darting around the parking lot. It… Read more »


In an industrial area of Kansas City, there is one residential house. The people that live down there, amongst the warehouses, junk yards and trucking operations, are wonderful people. They are true friends to the animals. It’s an area where many strays have come through over the years. There is usually a small pack that… Read more »


A few months ago, we received an anonymous call about a very skinny pit bull chained in a back yard. The caller said “it really needs help bad”.  I headed over in the late afternoon. When I arrived, I saw a woman sitting on her front porch of the house next door to the address… Read more »

Rex and Nina

We first met these two wonderful rottweiler mixes in 2013. We spotted them on outreach one day, stopped to talk to the owner and meet the dogs. They were chained to trees in the back yard. There was a male and a female and they were adorable. The smaller one-the female-was super friendly. The male… Read more »


Chain of Hope received a call from a woman who said that her dog was not in good shape and she couldn’t take care of it anymore. I called her back. She was in Independence, which we normally don’t work in. Not because they don’t need help, we just have our hands full with KCMO…. Read more »


    He spent over 10 yrs. on a chain in the back yard. He was an old pit bull that we found a few years ago, living on a chain with a nasty wooden dog house with holes in it. I kept going by and visiting this old man and trying to hopefully talk… Read more »