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Fundraiser for Chain of Hope! First Fridays, September 5, 2014, 7-10 pm in the Crossroads Art District. There will be live music, refreshments,a silent auction, etc.

 Come on out, have GREAT fun and support Chain of Hope!!! Bring your friends!!!



Summer is a very difficult season for chained animals.

Thank you for keeping us out there by your donations!

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Fly strike is a common problem for chained animals. The dogs are chained in their circles, which turn to dirt. The owners do not pick up the poop and the flies go crazy. Unfortunately, they truly torment the poor, chained dogs, to the point where the dog’s ears will be bleeding.


Chain of Hope passes out bottles of ear gel that repels the flies and heals the ears. We give it out freely, as well as education to bring the dog inside and to clean up the poop to help control the fly problem!


We hang fly catching bags to attract the flies into the bags and not on the dog. They work great, but cost us about $4-$5 a piece. We literally hang hundreds every summer! Thanks for donating!


It is unbelievable how we continue to find dogs chained with no water at all. I don’t know how some of these animals make it. Thank God we stop by many, many regulars to make sure they’re being maintained and cared for, as well as finding new cases every day where chained animals are desperately needing our help. That with the 20-30 calls a day that Chain of Hope receives keeps us running all day, every day. We are highly dedicated to the inner city animals!

Chain of Hope comes across some very sad things when we’re out there. Here are some pictures from some cases. Some of these ended up being animal  control calls, some we improved and some we are monitoring. It’s a difficult life for a chained dog, especially in the summer. The heat, humidity and the relentless insects are unbearable.



We are only out there because of our supporters. Summer is a much more expensive season for us to operate in. We need to purchase fly traps, fly spray, ear gel and flea control. Please donate if you can!