Thank you for your support as we made our way through this past difficult winter. Because of your donations, we were able to provide new dog houses, lots of hay, and/or crates so the owner could bring their dog inside. We could not do this without you!!! Thanks for enabling us to get many, many dogs inside during the brutal cold! Here are just a few of the many dogs that Chain of Hope has helped this past winter!




I spotted this big boy one day on outreach. I recognized the house and dog. We had given this wooden dog house to Zeke a couple of years ago. Time to replace it! He got a new igloo!



This is Sphinx, who we found chained to his dog house. We provided a crate and he was able to be inside for much of the cold weather.

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We spayed Baby a while ago. Then we discovered that she only had a crate for shelter. Although this owner did keep both of her pitties inside during the freezing cold, we took Baby a new igloo.


Jester had a hole in the top of his dog house. We replaced it with an igloo and he is on our neuter wait list. We also took this pet owner a crate, but unfortunately she was one of the people that did not use it and did not bring him inside. Not everyone steps up, but at least he had a decent dog house and we stopped by regularly with hay.


Nitro usually stayed in this pen. We kept talking to the man and educating him and when we stopped by one freezing cold day, Nitro was in the house!


This litter of 8 puppies was outside when it was 8 degrees. We called animal control who gave the owner a warning, but did not make them take them inside. A few days later, the owner relinquished the litter to Chain of Hope.


This boy had a broken dog house that let a lot of the snow and wind in there. The owner does take both of her dogs in at night, but we know that there were many freezing, cold days as well. He received a new igloo, thanks to Chain of Hope supporters.



There are 4 dogs at this house. All are outside on chains. We have been working with this family for quite some time. We have gotten all of the animals spayed or neutered. We were urging the owner to get these guys in during the brutal sub-zero temperatures. The owner told us that they had brought all of them inside and that they had pretty much destroyed their house. Her solution was to bring them in one at a time for a few hours to warm up and then switch them out. She was trying. We took 4 new crates to her and she was able to bring all 4 dogs inside during our terrible temps! When we took the crates over, it was this lucky girl’s turn to be inside! Now, thanks to Chain of Hope supporters, all of the dogs were warm and dry during our horrendously cold winter.  


This woman adopted King from KCPP and called Chain of Hope for a crate so that she could keep him inside. Chain of Hope to the rescue again!!


Benny had nothing, not even a dog house. We took this family a nice big crate and they did keep him inside most of the winter. Now that the weather is better, we have taken him a new dog house as well. We also neutered Benny free of charge. Thank you supporters!


This boy had holes in the back of his dog house. He received a new igloo from Chain of Hope!



Joey is one of our favorites. He received a new crate to come inside as well!



We discovered this beautiful shepherd this winter with no shelter at all! The owner told us that she slept under the truck because she wouldn’t go in a dog house. We told him that she would freeze to death doing that  and that we would bring her a new dog house. He said, “Fine, but she won’t go in it!” We took her one and even the owner had to admit that she was in it every night! They also wanted her to have puppies, but we kept stopping by and educating and we are picking her up next week to be spayed! The power of education and hitting the streets! Nobody does it better than Chain of Hope!


We’ve been caring for Cage for quite awhile. He also received a crate and the owner did have him inside many times when we stopped by!



This poor momma gave birth outside in her dog house one morning when it was only 15 degrees! Now all 10 puppies and momma were inside and warm.


Chain of Hope always puts the animals first and we work very, very hard for the forgotten ones. It wasn’t easy to get up, layer ourselves, and head out for the day in the sub-zero temperatures, but every single one of the animals that we were able to help because we did that, are very thankful! Kudos to the outreach teams for toughing out the winter. Chain of Hope rocks!












Pit Bull Day Was a HUGE Success!!!

250 pitties showed up for our services!

On June 29th, Chain of Hope, in partnership with 103 Hot Jamz, held Pit Bull Day in Swope Park. We were blown away by the line forming 45 min. early and extending out to the street by the time we opened. It was wonderful seeing all of those gorgeous pit bulls! We signed up 70 pit bulls for free spay/neuter surgeries and have already gotten in 17 female pits for spays , just 2 weeks after our event! The need is huge and many, many pit bulls need our help. 

Check out our video that Kim Saunders, our wonderful photographer put together:

pit bull day video

KMBC came out and did an awesome story about Chain of Hope’s Pit Bull Day! Check it out: