Back in the summer, Chain of Hope received a call from an EMT that worked at the KC Fire Department/EMT building on Eastwood Trafficway. Her name was Anna and she told me about a stray pit bull that was hanging around in the woods near their building. She said the dog was super scared and they were putting out food for her. They wanted to know if we could catch her for them.

I went over and saw the lay out and met the EMTs that were trying to help this dog. They weren’t able to get close to her at all at first, so we decided to take a trap over there. We baited the trap for a few days, but she would not go in it. These guys were leaving her fresh water and food all the time in the trap, they just couldn’t get close to her. She didn’t look very old but she was very wary of people.


This is the area that she hung out in. It was a lightly wooded area that was between the EMT building and Eastwood Trafficway, which is pretty busy. She had a particular tree that she liked to hide under where she was hidden from the road. We all felt so sorry for her.


We finally just had to leave the trap and rely on the EMTs to continue to bait it and keep trying. They stayed in contact with me and they were seeing her, but no matter what they put in the trap, she would not go in it. And then, the 4th of July came around and after the 4th, no one saw her for several days. Poor baby must’ve been scared to death!

After many days, this little pit started showing up again. At least we knew she made it through the 4th and was ok! The EMTs never gave up! When we had lots of rain and storms, they would pull our trap back inside their garage and when the weather broke, they’d put it out again and bait it with more yummy stuff. I got to say, after 4-5 weeks, I did not have any hope that she was going to go in there. All of them kept trying, though. They bought her McDonalds and all kinds of things trying to get her. They religiously kept the trap baited. They also sat for hours with food, talking to her and coaxing her. She finally got to the place where she would take a hamburger or something out of a couple of the girl’s hands, but they could not get a slip lead on her-this girl was still very wary.

One night, about 11:00 pm at night and about 6 weeks after we’d been trying, I received a text from Anna and the dog actually was actually in the trap! OMG-I couldn’t believe it! I didn’t see her text until the next morning and I called her and told her I’d be right over to get her. They had taken the trap up by their building and given her food and water. She wasn’t freaking out or anything, she just kind of looked bewildered. Congratulations Anna, Jessica, Brenda and everyone else who had a hand in getting this little girl to safety! Way to never give up!

DSCF0300 DSCF0296 DSCF0301 DSCF0304


We got this little girl back to Chain of Hope.




We let her out of the trap. She was scared, of course, but was not aggressive in any way.

DSCF0322 DSCF0400


We decided to call this little girl Mallory. She was a beautiful, brindle and white pit bull. She was a baby still-between 6 mo. and a year old, only weighing about 35 lbs. Poor little thing had been out there on her own almost all summer. Thank God she was now safe and soon she would be happy!

We started introducing her to other dogs and people. We just went very slow with her and she began adjusting very well.

DSCF0499 DSCF0401











Here’s Mallory in the middle of a playgroup! She loves playing with the other dogs and she got to where she was carrying a toy around in her mouth all the time! She’d pick one up and put it in her mouth and carry outside on her walks!




We were pretty full over Labor Day weekend because we had to bring a couple of dogs that have been in boarding back to Chain of Hope. We put out a plea for foster homes and this wonderful family stepped up for Mallory. Well, Mallory has never come back to Chain of Hope because her new family is adopting her!!! We are so happy for this little girl.


Her new name is Callie and she has a great sister that she loves a lot named Lucy.  They are the best of friends. Here are some new pix of Mallory in her new forever home



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Callie is now safe and loved for the rest of her life. She is so happy with her new family. Here she is with her new mom, Rebecca. With the help of a lot of caring people, Callie is now home! Thanks for keeping us out there.