We have known Dolly (that was her name then) for so long that I can’t even remember how we came across her. I don’t know if we spotted her on outreach one day or the owner called for help. Nevertheless, we met Dolly over a year ago. She was a pit mix older puppy, maybe 6 mo. at the time. Her owner was very nice and loved Dolly we could tell-he just needed some help.

We brought Dolly in for spay and vaccinations (thank you donors!). She was just adorable, very sweet and friendly. We took her back home from her spay the next day with lots of supplies. She received an igloo dog house and a nice wire crate to bring her inside. She was happy, loved her owner and he loved her.  Yes, she needed more attention-all of the dogs out there do-but all in all, compared to what we usually see, this was a good situation.

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We kept tabs on Dolly, but we really didn’t have to. Dwayne did a good job. She was outside on her tie-out cable on nice days and she was inside in her crate on bad days. She always had clean water and was well fed. We didn’t have to come by here very often because we knew that Dolly was in good hands.

Everything was fine until one day recently, I received a call from Dwayne. He told me that he had lost his house and asked me if I could come and get Dolly. He said he had no place to go with her and he was very worried about her.

What a hard phone call to have to make, but thank God he called us! We didn’t want this sweet girl falling through the cracks and ending up in the shelter. Dwayne told me that his house was boarded up now and so he had taken Dolly to the yard behind him. His neighbor was letting him keep her back there temporarily. He told me that she had already been back there for almost a month. I told him we’d head over to get her.

We met Dwayne in the neighbor’s back yard. He was heart broken, but very thankful that we were taking her because he knew that she’d be okay with us.




Dolly and Dwayne told each other good bye for the last time. It was bittersweet.

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If you’ve followed us for long, you know that we always change the dog’s name when we rescue them. They leave their old life behind and begin a new, loving life with a new name. We barely changed Dolly to Holly. She was much loved and very social. She had it better than most of the dogs that we serve. We call her Holly now and she is an absolute doll!!! She is so gorgeous! We love this girl. It has been great getting to know her personality more. She is in a play group and doing very well with other dogs. She is playful, loves to run and would love another dog to play with. She is having a ball at Chain of Hope, but looking for that forever home. Oh yeah-she apparently likes to stick her tongue out a lot!


DSCF2065 DSCF2180 DSCF2056


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Thank you for keeping us on the streets. We have great relationships in the community because we are out everyday and have gotten to know a lot of people. We are always “touching base” with some of our wonderful animal lovers in the inner city to see what’s been going on and of course, we are constantly monitoring animals. Holly didn’t fall through the cracks because of Chain of Hope. You have our sincere appreciation for keeping us on the streets everyday.