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Location: In Foster (Adopt)

Pit Bull Terrier & Shepherd Mix • Adult • Female • Large

Spayed/Neutered • Current on vaccinations

Becky is a beautiful girl and has the best smile around! You can’t be in a bad mood when you have Becky in your life. She was rescued off of a chain after 2 years and she is so happy to be here! What would make her happier, however, would be a forever, loving home.

Becky has a pretty high energy level. She plays really well with other dogs. She is in a foster home with two other dogs and is doing great. She can get over a 4 ft. fence, so she needs a 6 ft. one. She would also make a fantastic running partner. You can’t get this girl tired! She is spayed, vaccinated and crate-trained.


Location: Chain of Hope (Foster | Adopt)

German Shepherd Dog & Pit Bull Terrier Mix • Adult • Female • Medium

Spayed/Neutered • Current on vaccinations

Check out Rayna’s ears! You can’t have a bad day when Rayna is in your life! She likes everyone and everything. Rayna is about 2 yrs. old and she is a shepherd/pit bull mix, the best we can tell. She was abandoned by her family. They moved off and left her. She is the best dog! So sweet and well-behaved. Rayna loves to roll over and give you her belly to rub! She is in a playgroup with several dogs and does just fine!

Rayna is spayed, vaccinated, de-wormed, crate-trained and ready to come home with you! She could sure use a foster home or better yet, an adoptive home!


Location: Chain of Hope (Foster | Adopt)

Yellow Labrador Retriever & Shepherd Mix • Adult • Male • Large

House trained • Spayed/Neutered • Current on vaccinations

Finnegan is about a 6 yr. old yellow lab/shepherd mix. He is a big boy,weighing about 85 lbs. Chain of Hope took care of Finnegan for many years when he was chained to a tree. One day we stopped by and found that the owners had moved and Finnegan was very, very ill laying in his dog house.

After many tests and several medications, Finnie (as we call him) is doing great! He loves people-he is a very affectionate dog. He loves being with his person! He also loves laying in the sun, chewing on a raw hide, or getting brushed!

We are so happy that we saved Finnie-he is a wonderful dog.We would love to find Finnie the perfect home where he can live out his life, be happy and loved and have no worries anymore at all. Finnie is hanging out with an older female dog right now and does great. He prefers females that aren’t real active and he really won’t tolerate a male dog at all.


Location: Chain of Hope (Foster | Adopt)

Pit Bull Terrier • Adult • Female • Large

Spayed/Neutered • Current on vaccinations

River is a fabulous, 2 yr. old, female pit bull. She is really a gorgeous girl, as you can see! River is big-about 75 lbs. and she is strong. She plays well with other dogs and doesn’t seem to mind cats.

River was kept on a chain in a back yard and had no food or water. She was a pretty sad girl the day we rescued her. She has now been spayed, vaccinated, on heart worm prevention and flea prevention. River is crate-trained and walks great on a leash.

River is a smart girl and listens well. She needs adequate exercise everyday to help her release some of her energy. She can come in and be a big couch potato, too! What a cuddle bug!

She is currently at our facility, but desperately needs a foster home. Fostering is a good way to try out one of our dogs and give them a break from our facility. Please contact us if interested!


Location: In Foster (Adopt)

Labrador Retriever & Shepherd Mix • Baby • Male • Medium

Spayed/Neutered • Current on vaccinations

Humphrey is a 7 mo. old lab/shep mix currently in foster and doing great. He was abandoned when his family moved and left him behind. He is such a cute little guy! Of course, he loves to play and give puppy breath kisses! He is hanging out with a couple of other dogs and doing great! Humphrey is neutered, vaccinated and de-wormed. He is ready to come home with you!


Location: Chain of Hope (Foster | Adopt)

Shepherd & Black Labrador Retriever Mix • Adult • Male • Large

Spayed/Neutered • Current on vaccinations

Gunner is a great dog! Unfortunately, he has never had anyone who was just crazy about him and really loved him. After trying to work with his owner for a long time, we were finally able to bring Gunner into our program to find him a home where he is truly loved and cherished!

Gunner is a black shepherd/lab mix, about 2 yrs. old. He weighs about 70 lbs. and is quite handsome! In fact, we consider him stunning! As soon as we got him bathed and cleaned up, he was just shining with his beautiful, glossy black coat.

Gunner is in a playgroup and does great! He loves playing with other dogs and he doesn’t mind cats. Gunner is crate-trained, although he would prefer not to be crated! He is playful and would love a big yard to run around in. Gunner is a very loving dog who is looking for his new best friend. Could that be you?

Fostering is a great way to try Gunner in your home and give him a break from our facility (as wonderful as we are :).


Location: Chain of Hope (Foster | Adopt)

Pit Bull Terrier • Baby • Male • Large

Spayed/Neutered • Current on vaccinations

Little Duke is a super cute boy! He came into Chain of Hope with his mom, Duchess who is also up for adoption. Duke is 4 mo. old. He is neutered, vaccinated, de-wormed and micro-chipped. He is in a play group with several other dogs and does great! He is fine with cats. He LOVES people! Duke is crate-trained, he listens well and he can be a real cuddler! Fostering is a great way to see if Duke would be a good fit for your life and family!


Location: Chain of Hope (Foster | Adopt)

Terrier & Shepherd Mix • Baby • Male • Medium

Spayed/Neutered • Current on vaccinations

Hi, I’m Ned! I was lucky enough to be rescued by Chain of Hope a few weeks ago. I had to go get neutered, vaccinated, and micro-chipped. Now I am ready for adoption and boy-you better snatch me up fast! I am the whole package-cute, smart, funny, playful and affectionate!

I’m a great size, too! I am about 6 mo. old and only weigh 23 lbs. I am quite a mixed breed. Some people think that I look like a miniature shepherd with some terrier in me. I don’t really know what I am, except cute! I also know that I will still fit in your lap, too-my favorite place to be!

I love playing with my friends at Chain of Hope. I play with big dogs, little dogs, other puppies and it’s all so fun! I always have a smile on my face now that I am at Chain of Hope.

A great way to try me out to see if I’m a good fit for you is to foster me. Then you’ll see just how great I really am!


Location: Chain of Hope (Foster | Adopt)

Black Labrador Retriever Mix • Baby • Male • Large

Current on vaccinations

Salvy is a 3 mo. old, male black lab mix. He is playful, loving and full of fun! Salvy is not shy at all-he is well socialized and would make a great companion. HE can play, play and play some more and then crash on your lap! If you have the time and patience to bring a puppy into your life, please consider Salvy!