KCMO Animal Control Leaves These Dogs 3 Times!

This story is about a house in Kansas City, Mo. that Chain of Hope has been working on since last winter. We actually got involved with these two dogs because we were helping this woman’s sister with her dog. That woman told this dog owner, her sister, about us and she called for dog food. We asked her if her dogs were spayed and neutered and she said no. We told her that we only help people that have their pets spayed or neutered and that if she was receptive to that idea, we would spay and neuter them for free. She agreed and we made arrangements to pick them both up and get them in to the vet. There was White Girl, the momma dog that had had a litter of puppies that year. Butch, the other dog, was her son from that litter. We paid for everything and we provided free transportation. One of the dogs, Butch, only had a pet taxi for shelter. White Girl had nothing. When we got them spayed and neutered, we took over two igloos for them. They were on big chains, but the owner would not let us put them on tie-out cables. She said they would break them.

When we would stop by, the dogs would have water and food a lot of the time. It was a house that we really didn’t have to stop at that often. We hated the chains that they were on, but if the owner won’t let us put them on cables and it isn’t illegal to stick them on chains, there was nothing more we could do.

Last fall, this pet owner called us and said that she was having a hard time and said that she needed our help with food again. We went over and that is when we discovered that the pet owner was not even staying at that house anymore. The dogs were still in the back yard. A neighbor was helping her feed them sometimes. We began going over here more often. The dogs were not being taken care of. They were always hungry when we went. There was feces everywhere. We went there at least once a week through the entire winter, hoping that this woman was going to get her life straightened out. We gave her every opportunity to get things together and start taking care of her dogs again.

Early on, when I was talking with her on the phone about the dogs, she told me that the woman where she was staying now wouldn’t let her bring the dogs there. I asked her if she had 2 large wire crates for them, could she bring the dogs over to where she was. She said she would ask, but she thought that would be fine. We called and told her that we had taken 2 wire crates over to her house where the dogs were and left them on the screened in porch for her to come and get. They sat there for a week before I finally loaded them up and took them back-she obviously wasn’t going to use them or move the dogs.

Things were going down hill. These two dogs were falling through the cracks, except for Chain of Hope. They would get so excited when we’d pull up because they knew they were going to get fed and have fresh water. The neighbor that had been helping somewhat moved away. Now things were getting really bad for these two precious dogs. They lived on heavy chains. Butch’s chain was hooked so high up on the fence that he didn’t have much room to move around. The feces was disgusting.

We continuously found Butch and White Girl with rain water in their bowls, feces all over the place, and they were always hungry.

These dogs had been living like this for months and months. They never got off of their chains and rarely saw anyone but Chain of Hope volunteers. One day when I stopped by to care for the dogs, the pet owner was there. She told me that she was moving back into the house. I was so glad, I thought things for the dogs would get so much better. They didn’t. She is rarely there. We still find the dogs with rain water in all of their bowls, no food, feces all over and even a couple of dead rodents laying there, as you can see in a couple of the above pictures. There is trash everywhere-it’s filthy.

We finally called this into Kansas City, Mo animal control. They went out and left a door hanger on her door-the call came back “Unable to Make Contact”.  The door hanger states that animal control must hear from that pet owner within 24 hrs. Nothing changed-everything was always horrible like usual. We called this in again a couple of weeks later. They went out again and left another door hanger. Nothing got any better. We called again. We specifically asked them if the owner had ever contacted them after each of the door hangers and they said no. They never heard from an owner (because she’s hardly ever there). So they didn’t hear from anyone in 24 hrs. to show that the dogs were being “cared for”, yet they never went back to check on these poor dogs either time, although we told them that she was NEVER there. What would have happened to these two precious dogs if Chain of Hope hadn’t been involved? What about all the other calls that animal control gets and they do the same thing? Leave a door hanger and never go back.  What happens to those poor animals? I’ll tell you what-they continue to suffer!

We called A THIRD TIME to get help for these neglected dogs. Animal control went out again and declared there were NO VIOLATIONS! Can you even believe it? We asked the 311 operator if animal control had ever talked to the owner yet and they responded that “they didn’t need to, they determined that there was nothing wrong!!!” Why in the world does it take fifty visits from Chain of Hope just to keep these dogs going and 3 reports into animal control and WHITE GIRL AND BUTCH ARE STILL SITTING IN THIS HELL HOLE!!! Why is this allowed? Why doesn’t anyone at the city level care? This is 2017 and these conditions are INHUMANE, UNSANITARY, and DESPICABLE! How is this allowed to go on and KCMO animal control declares there’s nothing wrong?

The ONLY way Butch and White Girl are going to get out of this true hell hole is if you make your voices heard loud and clear! We are their voice! Chain of Hope has gone over and above for months and months keeping these dogs going. Butch and White Girl need out of there and they deserve so much more than the life they are forced to endure, yet the city has refused to do their job. I wonder if they even really looked in the back yard. If they did and still said nothing is wrong over here, then each of the three officers that went over here and left these poor dogs needs reprimanded, retrained or both. Pictures don’t lie. You can clearly see the intolerable conditions over here and yet these dogs still sit in this nastiness day after day after day. We have many, many more pictures.

Yes, we are angry. Our hearts have been breaking for these 2 precious dogs for a long, long time. We’ve done everything we can for them, including keeping them alive this past winter and spring. What does it take to get help for animals in these conditions in the city of Kansas City, MO? Please call and be the voice for Butch and White Girl. They can’t speak for themselves, so we must. Animal control needs to do their job that our hard earned tax dollars pay them to do. Leaving Butch and White Girl over here is inexcusable. Please call your city officials:

City council offices:

Councilwoman Teresa Loar           816-513-6507

Councilwoman Alissia Canady       816-513-6521

Councilman Scott Wagner            816-513-6503

Councilman Dan Fowler             816-513-6509

Councilman Quinton Lucas         816-513-6511

Councilman Jermaine Reed          816-513-6513

Councilwoman Heather Hall         816-513-6505

Councilwoman Katheryn Shields 816-513-6515

Councilwoman Jolie Justus          816-513-6517

Councilman  Lee Barnes Jr.        816-513-6519

Councilman Scott Taylor           816-513-6523

Councilman Kevin McManus      816-513-6525

City Manager Troy Schulte         816-513-1408

Mayor Sly James                    816-513-3500

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