Bud and Deuce

Back in the fall, Chain of Hope received a call from a woman who was concerned about the dogs next door to her. She said that they were mostly in the house, but when the owners did let them out she had noticed that their hair was falling out and they were scratching constantly. She said she had been watching them for a little while and they appeared to be getting worse.

I headed over to see how we could help. An older man named Charles answered the door. I introduced myself and asked if he needed help with his dogs. He explained to me that he and a friend lived there together. The blue pit, named Deuce, belonged to his room mate, Talli. Bud, the black one, belonged to Charles. They both had the same problem-missing hair, incessant scratching and red, irritated skin. They looked miserable. These guys had spent all of their money buying various products at Walmart trying to help their dogs. Clearly, these men loved their dogs. Deuce and Bud were house dogs and both of them were already neutered. They were happy dogs, just not healthy dogs at the moment. We offered to take them into the vet and get them treated. We told them that we would pay for it and we would bring them back as soon as we were done. They agreed and were very grateful.

Poor Bud and Deuce were constantly itching and scratching. So glad we were taking them in to the vet!


Bud and Deuce were diagnosed with sarcoptic mange. They received their treatment at the vet clinic and then we took them back to Chain of Hope to give them medicated baths. They had to get some immediate relief!


We took them home with clean bedding, food and treats. We told the guys to throw out all of their old bedding and put down the new bedding that we brought for them. The vet wanted to see them back in 2 weeks, so we told them that we would be back to get them then.

A couple of weeks later, we went to pick them up. They were so much better. The red inflammation was gone. They were still scratching some, but they were much better. We took them in again and again we brought them back to Chain of Hope for another medicated bath. They were healing up nicely. Deuce looked great and didn’t need another treatment.  Since Bud was worse when we hooked up with them, he still had a little way to go and required a 3rd treatment, which we got him in for.

Bud and Deuce were looking great, they were much more comfortable. They were so happy to not be itching anymore! Both of these dogs are very much loved. We found out that Talli, Deuce’s owner, has cancer in his neck. He recently underwent a major surgery in Columbia, Mo. He is such a sweet man, our prayers go out for him. He loves Deuce and Deuce loves him! Charles is doing a great job taking care of the dogs. We check in often.




I am very thankful that the neighbor called so that Chain of Hope could help turn these lives around for the better. She cared enough to make a phone call and for that we will always be grateful. There was no reason to go over there and try and take these dogs away from these men. They loved their dogs and their dogs loved them. The dogs loved each other as well and were great friends. Talli and Charles had spent every last dollar trying to help their beloved dogs. All they needed was a helping hand and some understanding. It has been a privilege to know these two men and these two wonderful dogs. Bud and Deuce are now both happy and healthy!  It has only been possible to help Bud and Deuce because of you, our generous and loyal supporters. You have our sincere appreciation!