Chain of Hope received a call from a very nice woman who was concerned about the dog next door to her.  She said it was a smaller, female dog and it was very matted, filthy dirty and totally ignored. It lived on leashes tied together and hooked to the fence. The little dog often got over into the neighbor’s yard.  She said that every time she tossed it some food, it acted like it was starving. She never saw anyone out with it ever. It had an igloo, but no straw or anything in it. She told me it had been out there most of the winter.

This sounded terrible. Clearly these people didn’t care about this dog at all. I drove over and saw this poor, pathetic little thing. It was so incredibly sad. It was disgusting and it made me very angry to see what these people had done to her. The neighbor told me that the dog was friendly. I had some hot dogs and Qtrip biscuits with me, but this little girl was not having it! She growled, lunged at me and tried to bite me several times. I could see that her teeth were pearly white (oh yes-I saw her teeth several times!) so I knew she was young. How sad that she was so fearful that acting like this was all she knew to do.

She seemed angry at the world and who could blame her? She had every right to feel this way. I understood that it was really all just fear. She couldn’t understand that I wasn’t going to hurt her because every other human (except the neighbor) had. I called the neighbor and told her that I had worked with this little one for over 30 min. with yummy food and she was still trying to bite me.  She said she would come and help me (she was at work). Thank God this woman was such a compassionate soul because she’s who saved this dog’s life. We couldn’t have done it without her.

We got this poor girl into my car. I’m sure she was wondering what was happening now.  She was so scared, she pooped in my car. It’s happens to every rescuer-at least once!

She was very scared, but I got her inside and tried to make her comfortable. She let me pet her after a while, but she wouldn’t let anyone else. She would try and bite them! We just needed to give her time to figure things out and she would settle down.

We named this precious little one Betsy. She had a very small red collar on that was too tight! Her hair was rubbing off and she had a couple of sores on her neck. My heart ached for what she had been through and how she had been treated.


We desperately wanted to get Betsy cleaned up, but she was not having Tanner, our groomer! She was trying to bite him, too! We knew she needed time, so we tabled a bath and haircut for another day after she was more comfortable.

Betsy began relaxing. She made some canine friends, but still no human friends except me.

After several days, Betsy still wanted nothing to do with Tanner. I couldn’t use clippers on her because she was still so scared about so many things, so I took the scissors to her. Yes, Betsy had to endure a Kate haircut, which looks nothing remotely like a Tanner haircut! It would have to do for now. I cut what I could and into the bath tub she went! She actually relaxed and I think it felt good. She was so filthy dirty!

So Betsy was finally cleaned up a little and we could tell she felt better. She was smiling now! She started playing with toys and ripping the stuffing out of them. She was finally getting to be the young, happy, playful dog that she was all along!

A few days later,  Betsy and Tanner finally became friends and she actually let Tanner shave her down! She was a total mess, but was being such a brave little girl.

Her neck from that too-tight collar.

Betsy is coming right a long! She stays in the office for more socialization and she becomes more trusting everyday. She didn’t get so fearful overnight and she won’t heal emotionally overnight either, but she will heal and we are helping her. She is safe and much loved at Chain of Hope.  We are grateful that she is here and she will no doubt be up for adoption soon. She certainly deserves the best home ever!


Thank you for keeping us out there.

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