Red and Ned

The same day that we rescued our most recent momma and puppies, we already had rescued another little guy that day! In fact, he was already on the van when we loaded up mom and pups! He got a little overshadowed by finding mom and 11 puppies unexpectedly in the woods, but it’s time for everyone to meet Ned and to help find him his forever home. He has an interesting story.

There is a feral dog named Red that lives on the edge of a large city park. He’s been out there for years and we’ve never been able to get close to him, let alone touch him. These pictures were taken almost 3 yrs ago to the day.

There is a street right behind the park with only about 5 houses on it, of which only 3 are occupied. Pretty quiet street. We take food to the people that we’ve come to know over there and they make sure that Red has food and they keep an eye on him. There is a dog house with hay in it in their open back yard in case Red decides to go in there. We have seen him in another dog house one street over with another dog that let Red come in and share with him. He kind of makes the rounds.

These people that live over there have been extremely good about letting us know if anything is wrong with Red. One time Red was limping pretty bad and they called us. We could see no wounds with our binoculars. We took some pain and anti-inflammatory meds over and these wonderful people put it in hot dogs every morning and every night. He apparently had a sprained leg or something because after about a week of meds, he was just fine.

Another time, the neighbors called and said that although they were keeping Red fed, he was losing weight. We took over some worming meds and once again these people put it in his food and made sure that he got all of his doses. Red began putting weight on after that.

It is wonderful to be working with people in the community who really care this much about a stray animal.  They know that they can call us any time if they have any concerns about Red at all. Red is lucky to be protected by these compassionate people. They have told me that animal control has chased Red around a few times in the past, but they never caught him. He is clever, strong and agile. He really has done pretty well. Over the years, we have come to just respect Red, his lifestyle, his freedom and even his wildness. We will leave him free and only intervene if he becomes very ill or injured. Other than that, we keep an eye on him along with the neighbors and make sure he has food.

We received a call from one of the neighbors and she told me that a puppy had hooked up with Red. She said that for the last 3 days or so, this puppy had been hanging with Red. She thought it was about 3-4 months old and had no idea where it came from. Several dogs have come and gone and hung with Red for various amounts of time over the years. We’ve gotten some and some have moved on.

We headed over there last Friday and sure enough there was Red laying in the front yard of one of the abandoned houses. Most of these pix are from far away because we can’t get close to Red. We saw that there was a puppy laying up next to Red. It was adorable! We had hot dogs for both of them and I had a big Dingo chicken rawhide for Red for when we took the puppy. Tanner tossed hot dogs and the puppy was very interested! He came closer and closer eating the hot dog pieces and when he got into arm’s reach, Tanner reached out and grabbed hold of his leg. It startled him, but didn’t hurt him. He didn’t really know what to think!

Red, coming down to get his special bone that we left for him.


One of the neighbors that has helped Red all these years. Her daughter called us about the puppy.


This was a little male puppy. Best guess is that he’s a shep/terrier mix, maybe a little beagle thrown in there? We do know that he is adorable and he was scared to death the first day at Chain of Hope. It turns out that he is about 6 mo. old and only weighs about 25 lbs. He’s not going to be a very big dog. We named him Ned. Welcome to Chain of Hope, Ned-it’ll be better tomorrow! (Yes, we gave him a blanket!).

Here is Ned the very next day, making new friends-both human and canine! Much happier!

We love this little guy! It took Ned about one day to decide that Chain of Hope is a pretty cool place! He will be neutered soon and ready for his new home. If you’re interested in fostering or adopting this adorable guy, go to and go to our adoptable pets page to find both applications! Please share and let’s find Ned his forever home. Thanks for your support!


Ned says, “Thank you for putting this big smile on my face!”


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