This is the story of Brandy, a 30 lb. Benji-type dog. She lived tied up to a nasty wooden dog house that had many holes in it and let lots of the cold and wind in. She had to have been so cold. She never went inside the people’s house. We’ve had animal control over here before but because she had “shelter” and was at a good body weight, they said no violations. We worried and worried about this little one. She was very sweet and wanted nothing but attention every time we went there, yet she was totally ignored by her owner. When the weather turned very cold for a while and it snowed, this poor little one was out there, alone and freezing. We knew we had to do something.

We finally were able to bring this frozen little girl into our program. She was matted all the way down to her skin, with snow and ice crystals in her fur. She had had no care whatsoever in a very long time, if ever. We got her into Chain of Hope, warmed her up and then Tanner went to work on this poor dog’s coat. She was a mess. It must’ve been painful and terribly uncomfortable as the mats were pulling and tugging on her skin.

After Tanner got all of that dirty, matted hair off this little one, it was into the tub!

Isn’t she adorable??? Look at the darling dog that was under all that mess!

Brandy settled in. We began introducing her to other dogs and she loved playing with them! She had been living on a chain, lonely and with no company. We could tell that day when she was sitting in the snow, looking so sad, that she had just about given up. She probably thought there was no help ever coming. Now, she was at Chain of Hope and loving all of the attention that she was finally getting!

Brandy soon went to a foster home and she fit in just fine.

It didn’t take long for someone to be very interested in this darling little dog! Todd and Sarah came forward to offer Brandy her forever, loving home. No more living outside on a chain-those days are over!


Here are some pix of Brandy in her new home. Todd and Sarah love her. Here’s what they had to say about her:

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